` FIRE NOC Restrobar/Hotel/Building/Mall/Guest House/Restaurant -

Depioneer Alliance Service one of the Top FIRE NOC Consultant in Delhi NCR is serving and assisting you through all of your requirements associated with FIRE licensing and security consultancy. If you have any need regarding the assistance with a FIRE licensing application, have an issue associated with FIRE compliance, have any need of assistance with your security master license, we DEPIONEER ALLIANCE SERVICE FIRE NOC License Service Provider in Delhi NCR can assist you.

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We Depioneer Alliance Service will submit the application on your behalf and make sure that the necessary fees are paid for the application to be considered for your FIRE NOC License in Delhi NCR.

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Depioneer Alliance Service FIRE NOC Checklist

  • Approval of Fire Fighting Scheme from the Competent Authority.
    • Information dedicated fire staff, with name, Qualification and phone Number.
    • ID Proof/Letter of Authority
    • Fire Consultant Certificate
    • Permission Letter/BR-III
    • Building Detail
    • Total tower approved in building
    • Alarm or Ventilation consultant certificate.
    • Applied for Number of towers (With tower numbers and name).
    • Remaining for Number of towers (With tower numbers and name)
    • Authorization letter with Employee ID proof
    • fire system in working condition (Photo)
    • Sanction of Building Plan
    • Check List as per NBC 2005
    • Resolution or Authority letter regarding signatory of the document
    • Data of already issued NOC (With tower numbers and name).

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If it is needed for your application to provide plans, the Depioneer Alliance Service the Best FIRE NOC License Consultant in Delhi NCR will assist you in obtaining this information for you.

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